About Morocco

Morocco is located on the North West coast of Africa.  It is the third most populous Arab country, separated only by 9 miles from Europe it is also a gateway for travellers into Africa.  Morocco is a country of inspiration and romantic allure for the westerners.  Its greatest charm lies in the labyrinths of the imperial cites; Rabat, Meknes, Marrakech and Fes.  Furthermore Morocco is home to an amazing rich architectural tradition and its medieval cities, Roman ruins, Berber fortresses and beautiful Islamic monuments are among the best examples of their kind in the world.

Attractions of Morocco:

Morocco is a land rich in natural beauty and unforgettable places that are both fascinating to visit and intriguing to uncover. For the Morocco Culture and history, there are places like the ancient city of Asila, the Grottoes of Hercules. Equally memorable is the Moroccan landscapes, which is framed by several impressive destinations such as the Sahara Desert and the stunning mounting ranges such as the High, Mid and the anti Atlas.  Moreover the Chefchaouen Mountains.
Explore the Wonders of Morocco’s World Heritage Sites. It is universal and so preserving such sites is seen as being beneficial to the entire world’s population. These sites provide a wealth of information and form part of a world of history that would remain dead and buried were it not for the discovery and study of such amazing archaeological ruins. There are as many as eight designated World Heritage Sites in Morocco.
Founded in the 11th century, it's a great beauty filled with superb Spanish-Moorish styled architecture.  The uniquely beautiful site like KSAR OF AIT-BEN-HADDOU has been used in number of movies including the Jewel of the nile, the Living Daylights, Gladiator and Alexander.
The traditional architecture in MEDINA OF ESSAQUIRA and the Morocco's cultural and spiritual centre with historical palaces, buildings, mosques, homes with fountains will be seen in MEDINA OF FEZ.   MEDINA OF MARRAKECH has the most impressive structures including the Kasbah, Magnificent mosques and an open air theater still stands today which has been the real attraction from all over the world.


Full country name: Kingdom of Morocco
Area: 710,850sq km
Population: more than 31million
Capital city: Rabat
People: 55% Arab, 44% Berber, 0.7% foreigners, 0.2% Jews
Languages: Arabic (officially) with Berber dialects, as well as French, Spanish and English.
Religion: Islam
Political System: Constitutional monarchy
Head of State: King Mohammed
VI Economic Profile : GDP: US.5 billion GDP per head: US,100
Inflation: from 10% in the begging of the 1990′s to 1.5% in 2004