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A Journey to Morocco: 
Meeting People and Experiencing Connections

The dynamic nature and exotic culture are the charms of traveling in Morocco. However, what leaves an even stronger impression on travelers are the people they meet there. The experiences gained and emotions stirred through encounters with the locals. As experts in Morocco, we propose a journey that brings color and richness to your life.

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Who is Hikali Safari?

Ali began his tourism career at the age of 15 as a camel handler in the desert. He has over 25 years of experience as a guide, with a network that spans all across Morocco.
Hikaru fell in love with Morocco on his first trip there in 2002, and even after living in Morocco for 10 years, he continues to be captivated by the country's charm.
Together, these two combine their knowledge and experience to offer you a unique and personalized journey through Morocco.

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Available in Japanese and English


We can arrange airport transfers and private car charters


We also accept reservations for our affiliated accommodations
・Dar Mirai・Jardin Kotori Luxury Camp

Customer Testimonials

  • "Because it was a safe trip, we felt encouraged to communicate with the local people."

    Jun & Mai

    October 2023
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  • "My third trip to Morocco was also safe with Hikali Safari."

    Mr./Ms. H. Kawa

    January 2024
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  • "A special experience of Moroccan carpet weaving and homestay."

    Mr./Ms. T.K.

    February 2024
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