"A special experience of Moroccan carpet weaving and homestay."
February 2024 Mr./Ms. T.K.

I recently went on a tour to make Moroccan carpets in a village called Lamdint, where I stayed for 2 nights and 3 days. It was a village I had never heard of or visited before, but its untouched, rustic charm and the calm and warm nature of the village people made it incredibly comfortable.

In this village, there is a unique association run by women who handle everything from carpet making to sales. I participated in a carpet-making workshop there. I could have planned my design better, but creating it with the villagers allowed for a mix of Moroccan sensibilities that I would not have thought of myself, resulting in a favorite piece!

The carpet making was intense (in a good way), from morning till night, and I learned various techniques. Everyone was great at teaching and giving compliments, making it a fun and quick experience. I had thought Moroccans might take it easy and take many breaks while making carpets, but everyone was dedicated, weaving as long as time allowed, which was inspiring.

This time I stayed at the home of the leader of the association. I shared a bed in a room with her daughter, who is about my age. It felt like a school trip, a rare and joyful experience, and I slept comfortably and soundly in a nice bed. Both morning and evening meals were homemade and delicious; the homestay was fantastic.

At the time of farewell, it was hard to leave after just three days because everyone was so kind; I almost cried from sadness.

It had been a while since my last trip to Morocco, and I was keen to delve deeper into my passion for Moroccan carpets by searching for various carpet tours. When I consulted Hikari-san, she gladly accepted and meticulously crafted a private tour after numerous detailed discussions.

I consulted other local tours, but they often couldn't accommodate my detailed requests, the prices changed frequently, or they were slow to respond, which made me anxious. However, Hikali Safari was incredibly supportive. They were very flexible in accommodating my demanding requests, and when the initially planned tour was canceled due to the host's circumstances, they found an alternative at the last minute, providing a unique sense of security not found elsewhere.

They suggest the best tours to make the most of limited time, so I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to have a special, personalized journey.

Hikali Safari SARL
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